Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you do events other than weddings?
A: Yes I do! We've covered bachelor parties, birthdays, baptisms, bat mitzvahs, corporate events, house parties, etc. I think events outside of weddings are always fun, and different! Let me know what you had in mind. Currently, I'm only photographing non-wedding events within 40 mins of Sacramento.

Q: Can you do indoor portraits and headshots?
A: I love doing them! My studio is located in Old Sacramento, 106 L Street Suite 7, Sacramento, CA 95842. Sessions are by appointment only, so schedule yours here.

Q: Do you travel outside of Sacramento for wedding appointments?
A: My team and I DO travel outside of Sacramento for wedding appointments! I do not require a travel fee for locations within 2 hours of Sacramento, CA. I don't have a set travel fee for farther locations, but I do try to negotiate fair prices based on location. For example, if I were to do a wedding in San Luis Obispo, I'd request gas money and one night's hotel stay somewhere close to the venue.

Q: I need a videographer. Do you provide that too?
A: Yes we do! Custom videography packages start at $2,500. Let's talk about what you need and I can custom fit a package for you.

Q: Do you require a deposit?
A: I require a 25% first payment with a signed agreement to secure my services for your wedding date, then final balance a month before the wedding.

Q: How long does it take for you to finish editing my wedding photos?
A: Usually it takes 4-5 weeks for me to finish editing 6-12 hour wedding appointments and 3-4 weeks for engagement and courthouse ceremonies. I literally go through each and every image I've taken, decide which ones will interpret your wedding day the best, and post-process every single chosen one. This takes quite a bit of time, but at the end comes a beautiful wedding album I'm proud to share with you.

Q: Do you give us all of the RAW files too?
A: I do not. I look at it this way - Giving clients the RAW files is like a baker saying, "Here's your gorgeous and delicious wedding cake! Also, here's a bag full of the leftover flour, fondant, cream, egg solution, half-opened milk carton, and toothpicks I used to draw in the fondant too. You're welcome."

Q: Do you have a payment plan option?
A: Absolutely! Well, technically it's up to the client how they want to split up their payments. The only two things I require are deposit to secure the date of your wedding and the remaining balance a month before your wedding date. I've had brides pay me monthly up until their wedding, and others pay the deposit and then the rest of the balance when it's due! It's really up to the client, just give me the heads up on what your plans are so I can set up payment links on my end.

Q: Do you visit the wedding venue before the wedding to get a feel for the event?
A: For venues that I haven't visited before, I usually show up before my start time to explore the venue and speak with the event manager for their recommendations. I don't usually go on-site visits prior to the day of the wedding.

Q: I don't think I want to have a photo booth at my wedding, but I might change my mind later. Can I add it later?
A: You sure can. We'll just add the photo booth cost to your remaining balance and revise the agreement to include a photo booth.

Q: How many pictures do you give your wedding clients?
A: This is a great question! Actually, it really depends on the kind of wedding you're having and the amount of time I'm present. For example, for an 8-hour wedding appointment that has a lot of stuff going during the reception (first dances, speeches, bouquet/garter tosses, cake cutting, etc.), I usually deliver an average around 750-950 images. Naturally, if there isn't a lot going on during the event, the number of pictures delivered would be smaller. However overall, even for smaller wedding appointments, I try to deliver a minimum of 400-600 images.

Q: Are our digital files watermarked?
A: The final images I deliver to you are NOT watermarked. However, I do watermark the images I post on social media. If you feel moved to post your non-watermarked wedding photos on your social media accounts, go for it! (I LOVE seeing that!) Please feel free to give me credit for my work well done by tagging my business pages. Facebook Instagram 

Q: How do you handle day of schedule when it slips?
A: I always look at schedules as "semi-firm guidelines" as wedding timelines changes, as does a lot of other types of events. Every situation is different, but what comes naturally when I think of what to do with schedule slips is to be AS FLEXIBLE as possible. To help, I usually work closely with the wedding/venue coordinator and DJ to make sure I don't miss any last-minute schedule changes. If the schedule runs late with smaller packages (like my 6-hour wedding package), I make sure to communicate with the DJ during the reception to make sure he knows that I end service at a specific time. That way, if there's anything he can do to help drive reception events to happen before my end time, he can. That way, my clients don't miss out on capturing memories that happen during things like speeches, first dances, tosses, etc.

Q: Do you send photos to guests if they ask?
A: Absolutely not. I only send proofs to the purchasers, usually for weddings that's the bride and groom. When family members and other guests ask if I can send them pictures of themselves from the wedding, I politely say, "I'm really only allowed to deliver these pictures to the bride. She should have these in a few weeks. I can let her know you were asking so that you guys can sync up for them later?"

Q: How do you decide which pictures to take?
A: Aside from wedding portraits and family photos, I look for moments that can describe what happened during the day. I look for movement, purpose, laughter, joy, tears of joy, awkward debacles, deep thought, triumph, and other human interactions to depict the day of the wedding. I then arrange the photos in timeline order. It's my goal to be able to have the bride and groom "relive" their wedding day, just by looking at their photos.

Q: How do you make your clients comfortable?
A: Through personal interaction. It really DOES matter for the photographer and client to get to know each other. I can definitely do weddings where the couple chooses not to interact with me before the wedding, but then that means you're meeting the person who's going to document one of the most important days of your life on the day of your wedding. I usually interact through a phone call or share a drink together in my Old Sacramento Studio before the wedding, social media, or during an engagement session. But it's always better when I can get to know how my clients "tick" before the day of the wedding. It just makes our wedding appointments a lot more fun. And the more comfortable and the more fun my clients are having, the better their portraits turn out.

Q: How do you handle large photos with family?
A: Technically, I have a big ladder and I take multiple shots of each group to help negate blinks and awkward facial expressions. But it also helps to have a large, friendly voice, big gestures, concise words, some humor and to work quickly. It also helps to work with an appointed family member to organize family members.

Q: How did you get into this field?
A: I decided to turn my hobby into a business after I got married myself and saw how beautiful my wedding photos were. While looking at my wedding photos, I thought, "Wow, I'm so emotional! I totally want to give this feeling to others." And turns out, I'm pretty spectacular at it.

Q: Do you have past clients we can speak to as references?
A: Absolutely! I have a few in pocket that would love to hear from you. Contact me and I can connect you with them.





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